School Supply Lists for 2020/2021 School year

Preschool  Pkg. glue sticks 1 box 24 ct crayons  1 pkg markers 1 pkg colored pencils 1 pair of child round tip scissors 1 ruler  1 pkg wet wipes 1 can shaving cream (Barbasol) 2 boxes Kleenex water color 1 white t-shirt for tye-dye project   1 pair slippers to wear in classroom (old or new) 1 child size blanket, pillow, small stuffed animal for nap time 1 change of clothes for accidents (shirt, pants, socks, undies) Student may bring in one light jacket or hoodie to leave in classroom  1 backpack  
K & 1st & 2nd Grades Primary writing journal. (A place on top for a picture with writing underneath.) 2 packs markers Crayons Colored Pencils 6 glue sticks Bottle of glue Scissors 2 pocket folders Large pencil box 1 large pack of pencils 1 container disinfectant wipes  2 Pocket Folders Large Pencil Box Water bottle with tight closing lid.  KINDERGARTEN-small pillow and blanket for nap time.  3 boxes of Kleenex PE Shoes Backpack     
 3rd & 4th Grades 1 pair of cheap headphones 3 Composition Books (Not Spiral) 1 loose leaf college ruled paper Scissors 2 Glue sticks 1 Bottle of glue Markers or Crayons   3 -3 prong folders with pockets  Number 2 pencils (Mechanical are ok) Big eraser 2 containers of Clorox wipes 2 boxes Kleenex Pencil box PE Shoes Back Pack     
5th & 6th Grades Pencils  Black/Blue/Red pens Glue sticks Pencil sharpener Large pink erasers Highlighters Colored Pencils Markers Spiral Notebook Black/White composition notebook  Colored composition notebook Three-ring binder Loose-leaf wide ruled notebook paper Small white board and marker set PE shoes & clothes  Index cards Ruler-Metric/Inches Post-It (3x3s) Backpack 2 boxes of Kleenex  
 Jr. High/High School Pencils and Pens English 1-1 ½” 3 ring binder with college rule paper College Ruled Paper Science Lab Composition Book 5-small 3 Ring Binders Notebooks Hand Sanitizer  Backpack  JH/HS Art: Sketchbook – Minimum size 8×10, Maximum size 9×12 Small Set of Artist Graphite Pencils (For example, 6B-4H) Roll of Paper Towels   
 Art classes need additional items if you have any of the following to donate.   Old Newspaper Old Magazines Thick Yarn Cotton Balls and Q-Tips Unwanted knick knacks for sketching practice and still lifes  Please do not feel that all the items must be brand new.  
Reuse of school supplies from previous years is encouraged!