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Athletics Handbook

Make A Commitment To A Better Education Through High School Athletics And Activities


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Introduction 2

Responsibilities Of Administrators, Athletic Director, 4

Coaches, Sponsors, and Athletes

Eligibility 8

Athletics Training Policies 10

Earning A Varsity Letter 12

Coaching Directory 13

Understanding of Handbook Policies 14

Emergency Medical Authorization Form 15

Warning To Students And Parents Form 16



The purpose of this handbook is to show the guidelines and procedures of the South Baca Patriots athletics department and to give uniformity and meaning to the program.  The programs covered by this handbook are Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Track.  Campo, Pritchett and Vilas High Schools are all members of the Colorado High School Activities Association.  Our districts are governed by CHSAA and the rules and regulations for eligibility are not negotiable.

Program Philosophy & Major Objectives

The Patriots athletics department and coaching staff:

  1. Believes that athletics participation is an extension of the education the students receive at Campo, Pritchett, and Vilas High High School.  Coaches commit to an “education first” attitude and will strictly adhere to eligibility guidelines of this handbook and to the student handbook of each high school.

  2. Encourages students who desire the opportunity to challenge their interests and skills to participate.  Early specialization is discouraged.  The Patriot CO-OP has made a broad variety of opportunities available to the students of Campo, Pritchett and Vilas High Schools and students are encouraged to explore their potential.

  3. Strives to develop the total student/athlete.  The physical, psychological, social and spiritual growth of each student/athlete is considered when planning and implementing our athletic program.  We recognize that very few athletes are able to compete at the college or pro level.  Our aim is to guide our student athletes to develop in all areas in life and become well-rounded productive citizens in a highly competitive society.

  4. Believes that students who dedicate themselves to our program should be given the chance to reach their maximum potential through extensive training, excellent equipment, and good coaching.

  5. Recognizes that the old way of doing things is not always the best way.  Therefore, our goal is to attend at least one clinic or conference in our sport per year. 

  6. Strives to make the athletic program the best it can be while focusing on the well-being of the student-athlete.

  7. Will teach athletes the following: sportsmanship, teamwork, organization skills, personal discipline, and good training and fitness habits.

The Benefits Of Participation

Participation in activities and athletics has proven to be a major contributor to wholesome lifetime values--a step toward achieving successful adulthood, but never without self-discipline.  Those who participate are representing not only themselves but their student body, faculty, family and patrons of their school.  The interscholastic athletics program may benefit the entire student body and community in the following ways:

  1. By developing an understanding and appreciation of the values which interscholastic athletics/activities occupy in the American culture and developing sound educational attitudes toward them.

  2. By instilling self-discipline and organizational skills that the students may carry with them in their roles as citizens.

  3. By educating the student body, as participants, in their appreciation of the athletic/activity opportunities at the high school level.

  4. By serving as a focal point for the morale, spirit and loyalty of students and parents by providing a common meeting ground and enthusiasm which is shared by all.

  5. By providing a wholesome program of interscholastic athletics/activities in which students, parents, patrons, and friends of the school may share, to the end that the loyalty of these groups to the school may be constantly renewed and strengthened.

  6. By extending the opportunity for emotional, social and physical development with guidelines established for the supervision of the same.

  7. By providing the best known means for predicting student success in later life through successful participation in high school athletic and activity programs.

General Expectations For Students Participating in Patriot Activities

  1. All participating students are expected to place their academic school day above all else and devote their attention to achieving in the classroom.  Activities & athletics are considered a supplement to their total education.

  2. Students are expected to abstain from the use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and illegal drugs.  Our expectations remain firm in our desire to establish student leadership that rejects substance use or abuse.

  3. As a representative of the Patriot program and our three participating school districts, a participating student is expected to act on, as well as off campus, in a way which will not bring discredit upon him/her or the school.

  4. The participating student’s personal appearance should reflect cleanliness and concern for his/her well-being, as well as concern for those with whom he/she is associated.

  5. All participating students are expected to set a positive example for the total student body and endeavoring to be a leader regarding all school policies governing student behavior.


Superintendents & Principals will:

  1. Represent (or appoint a representative when he/she cannot attend) the CO-OP at athletic contests.

  2. Assist the athletic director in guiding sportsmanlike behavior at all contests, and help educate students, faculty, parents, and community members about our expectations of proper sportsmanlike conduct at all sporting contests.

  3. Coordinate with the athletic director and maintenance department and coaches to ensure that all fields and courts are maintained and ready for play.

  4. In concert with the administrator of record, will evaluate all Patriot coaches and make recommendations to the Patriot Coop Board.

Patriot Administrator Of Record will:

  1. Creating agendas for and serve as the chair for CO-OP Board meetings.

  2. Construct schedules for high school and junior high.

  3. Organize transportation plans and departure times.

  4. Communicate with administrators and coaches from all three schools.

  5. Serve as the contact for communication with outside parties which include, but are not limited to outside (opponent) schools and the CHSAA.

  6. Verify game dates and times and sending rosters to opponents.

  7. Contract all officials for home contests (any contest at Campo, Pritchett, or Vilas schools).

  8. In concert with the superintendents and principals from each school, evaluate all Patriot coaches.

  9.  Represent his/her school district at all league and/or state meetings that fall within the boundaries of their position and will act under the direct supervision of the superintendent and principal.

  10. Assist the administrator of record in communications with students, faculty, administration, and the community.

  11. Assist the superintendent and principal in representing the CO-OP at athletic contests.

  12. Oversee gymnasium, weight room, locker rooms, and athletic equipment and see that coaches use facilities and equipment responsibly.

  13. Maintain an updated inventory for equipment from their school.

  14. Arrange for the services of all help needed to run an athletic event in a smooth and efficient manner.

  15. Coordinate with the Arkansas Valley League, the state organization of CHSAA, and the NCAA to make sure proper guidelines are followed.

  16. Be knowledgeable of CHSAA and the Arkansas Valley League Constitution & By-laws.

  17. Maintain up to date records of student eligibility and complete CHSAA paperwork.

Coaches & Cheerleading Sponsors will:

  1. Choose their varsity squad through objective measures (testing athletic ability and specific skills) where possible.  It is recognized, however, that sports are a human endeavor and that the best coaches often are subjective and use intuition to choose and manage a team.


  3. Supervise and direct his/her specific program.

  4. Be willing to work with the athletic director and the administration on details applying to their sport.

  5. Work with athletic director and the administration on a recommended budget.

  6. Provide a good educational experience for each student participating in their sport.

  7. Always keep the athletes’ welfare first and foremost in mind.

  8. Prepare awards for athletes who have received recognition in their sport.

  9. Submit a team roster to the athletic director prior to the first contest and make adjustments throughout the season as necessary.

  10. Decide additional lettering criteria for their sport.  CRITERIA TO BE ESTABLISHED IN WRITING PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING OF THE SPORTS SEASON AND PLACED AS AN EXHIBIT IN THE ATHLETIC HANDBOOK--an addendum will need to be presented if not already in place when handbook is printed

  11. Provide supervision if any player, manager, or trainer is in the building.  The coaches are responsible to ensure that the building is secure when practice is finished and should be the last person to leave the building when practice is finished.

  12. Be knowledgeable of the CHSAA and Arkansas Valley League Constitution & By-laws.

  13. Issue necessary uniforms and equipment to athletes and be responsible for organizing the return of uniforms and equipment.

  14. Make sure all athletes have their paperwork (physical, etc.) into the athletic director and/or administration office.

  15. Support and assist other sports when possible.

  16. Turn in transportation requests in a timely manner.

  17. Demonstrate CO-OP/school pride and assist in keeping all athletic area clean.

  18. Promote the Patriot program to faculty, students, and community whenever possible.

Coaches’ Influence & Responsibility

It is also recognized that the athletic coach, by virtue of their close association to the students, will have the opportunity to exercise considerable influence upon the students.  Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the coaches’ attitudes and philosophies are of the highest caliber because they are likely to be emulated by the students.  This great influence upon the students cannot be underestimated as to its importance and it is expected that each coach will use discretion and good judgement in their role of helping the students to form attitudes and behavior patterns which, often will last a lifetime.  Each coach is expected to know and enforce all of the rules of the Coop/school, the league, and state regardless of their personal beliefs as to the importance and fairness of such rules.

The coaches have a responsibility to teach objectives and develop the student-athlete to perform to the best of their ability.

Student Athletes will:

  • Read the athletic handbook, sign and return all paperwork before the first practice to the head coach or A.D.

Paperwork to be signed includes A) completed physical, B) athletic emergency consent form, C) warning to students and parent of sports hazards, D) CHSAA eligibility brochure (high school athletes only), and E) Understanding of Patriot Athletic Handbook Policies.

  1. Report for the first practice of that sport. In the event this is not possible, they must make arrangements with the coaches.

  2. Make arrangements with the coaches if they are to miss practice for any reason.

  3. Attend school for at least one-half day to participate in practice or competition for that day.  Some flexibility of this rule may be considered in direct contact with the athletic director and/or principal.  THE ADMINISTRATION WILL EVALUATE SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS.

  4. Maintain a neat, clean appearance and wear proper attire as requested by the coaches.  PER ADMINISTRATIVE RULES.

  5. Report all injuries to their coach so that an injury report can be filed.  Coaches also need to know about injuries so the athlete can get proper treatment, and, if injuries are relatively minor (sprains, contusions, blisters, etc.) coaches can oversee rehabilitative activities (special exercises, icing, taping etc.).

  6. Behave appropriately and recognize that his/her behavior reflects not only on oneself, but also on the team, Coop/school, and community.  The Patriot athletic program stresses proper civic behavior as well as academic achievement.

  7. Honor all travel guidelines and bus rules explained by the bus driver and coaches.  Athletes can lose the privilege of riding the bus if travel guidelines are repeatedly violated.

  8. Honor his/her commitment to the team and school by not obligating himself/herself to a job that in any way interferes with practice time or regular scheduled competitions.

  9. Be removed from the team if he/she proves to be a disruption to the team.  Examples of behaviors that could lead to removal from the team are:

    1. A) habitual tardiness or three unexcused absences from practice

    2. B) unexcused absence from two games

    3. C) violation of drug/alcohol/tobacco policy

    4. D) repeated insubordination towards coaches, faculty or staff

    5. E) being ineligible for three times

Other conditions may arise--the above list is simply a list of common behaviors that arise in many athletic programs.

  • Learn the rules of the game thoroughly and discuss them with parents, fans, fellow students and elementary students.  This will assist both the team and the athletic program in the achievement of better sportsmanship as a school and community.


Student-Athlete Eligibility Requirements


  • The student must be a bona fide undergraduate member of the high school in which he/she is enrolled.


  • In the judgment of the principal of the student’s school he/she is a representative of the school’s ideals in matters of citizenship, conduct, and sportsmanship.

Semester Eligibility

  1. Student-athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of five classes that offer a minimum of 2.5 Carnegie units for the semester.  This is to meet the CHSAA requirements of the athlete being a full-time student.

  2. No student may FAIL (F) OR RECEIVE AN UNSATISFACTORY (U) FOR more than 0.5 Carnegie units during the previous semester, they will not be eligible for the current semester.

  1. REGAINING ELIGIBILITY: Students who have not met the academic requirements at the close of the semester may regain academic eligibility on the dates set forth by CHSAA according to the NFHS calendar.

Weekly Eligibility

  1. Teachers are required, through the guidance of the athletic director and/or counselor, to provide a weekly summary of all athletic participants who are doing failing work.  Two failing grades during any reporting period constitutes ineligibility for the next weekly eligibility period.

  2. The athletic director will run a weekly eligibility list.  TEACHERS MUST UPDATE GRADES BY 10:00 A.M. TUESDAY OF EACH WEEK.  ELIGIBILITY WILL RUN FROM WEDNESDAY TO TUESDAY.  Any report of two F’s will cause ineligibility for the weekly eligibility period, running from Wednesday through Tuesday.

  3. Three times of being ineligible or three unexcused absences during a sports season will cause removal from the team.

  4. The athletic director of each school will provide a list of ineligible students to the Administrator of Record and coach of that sport by 4:00 P.M. each Tuesday.

  5. Weekly eligibility is cumulative for each semester.

  6. An ineligible athlete may regain eligibility by raising his/her failing grades for the next eligibility report.

  7. Ineligible students will not be allowed to travel with the team to go to games.


  1. A student-athlete may not have reached their 19th birthday before August 1st of that school year.

  2. Must meet the CHSAA age requirements.

Maximum Participation of Eight Consecutive Semesters

  • Student-athletes may play a maximum of eight consecutive semesters.

Practice Requirement

  • Each student-athlete competing in an interscholastic program must have a minimum practice period in that sport as required by CHSAA before representing the Coop/school in a contest.  Participants in state play-off games completed less than nine days before the start of the next competitive season are exempted from the requirement.  Any other exemptions per CHSAA rules only.  If an athlete has 3 unexcused absences from practice, the athlete will be off the team.

Athletic Forms

  • Students must sign the following forms prior to practicing and competing with athletic teams: Physical Examination, CHSAA Eligibility Brochure, Emergency Medical Authorization, Warning to Students and Parents, and Understanding of Handbook Policies.

CHSAA Eligibility And Transfer Rules

  • For a full explanation of CHSAA eligibility and transfer by-laws, see the CHSAA Handbook and online info about transfers.


“Participation in interscholastic activities as a part of a school’s education program is a privilege and not a right  Students wishing to participate are required to meet standards of personal behavior and academic performance which are related to school purposes.”  Article 17, Bylaw 1710, Colorado High School Activities Association Handbook.

The purpose of the following policies is to encourage the commitment in athletes to conduct themselves in a manner which is conducive to their health, welfare and performance.  Any student participating in athletics assumes the responsibility for the discipline required to follow these policies.

  1. Athletes are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to be a credit to their team, CO-OP school and community.

  2. Athletes should be at home by a reasonable time.

  3. Athletes shall show up on time for all scheduled team activities (practices, games, team meetings, etc.).

  4. Athletes shall not use tobacco at any time during the sports season.

  5. Athletes shall not use illegal drugs or substances.

  6. Athletes shall not consume alcohol at any time during the sports season.

***Athletes who do not abide with the above policies shall be SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINARY ACTION.  ALL ATHLETICS ARE VOLUNTARY, A PRIVILEGE AND NOT A RIGHT.  Violations will be dealt with in the following manner:

Violation of policies 1, 2, & 3

These policies will be dealt with between the athlete and coaches.  Recurrence of the problem will involve the parents and could result in suspension from the sport by the coaches.

Violation of policies 4, 5, & 6

First Offense-athlete will be suspended from playing the next two athletic contests.  This may carry over to the next sport.

  1. The Athlete will be required to attend all practices, and at the discretion of the coaches, perform extra work or conditioning.

  2. The athlete will not be allowed to travel with the team to any away contest or allowed to sit on the bench.

  3. The athlete will be responsible for informing the parents of the violation along with written notification from the coach.

  4. The athlete will be put on probation for one calendar year.  If no violations occur during this time, the athlete will be returned to a “no-violation” status.

Second offense-athlete will be suspended from participation for one calendar year.

  1. The athlete will not be allowed to attend any practices and will turn in their uniform, and will be dismissed from the team.

  2. The athlete will be responsible for informing the parents of the violation along with written notification from the coach.

  3. The athlete will be put on probation for one calendar year.  If no violations occur during this time, the athlete will be returned to a “first offense” status.

Third offense-athlete’s participation in Patriots Athletics is finished.

  1. The athlete will not be allowed to attend any practices and will turn in their uniform, and will be dismissed from the team.

  2. The athlete will be responsible for informing their parents of the violation  along with written notification from the coach.

  3. There is no probation available.

Earning A Varsity Letter

Our three schools have traditionally had small enrollments for 1A schools, a situation that leads to most or all participants being included on the varsity.  Rarely have we had more than the maximum amount of participants allowed on a varsity roster.  However, with the schools combined there is a possibility of the number of participants exceeding the number of varsity roster spots allowed for each team.

To earn a varsity letter in South Baca athletics an athlete must:

  1. Be on time for practice and participate according to the coach’s directions and rules.

  2. Not accumulate more than two unexcused absences from practice during the sports’ season.

  3. Not accumulate more than one unexcused absence from scheduled games.

  4. Represent the team, school, and community in a manner acceptable to the administration and coach.

  5. Maintain eligibility by keeping up grades and honoring team rules and athletic program rules.

  6. Participate in at least half of the scheduled varsity contests for that sport.

  7. Finish the season in good standing.

If an athlete makes the varsity squad and follows the above guidelines, then that athlete will receive a varsity letter.  These are minimum guidelines.  Coaches may put more stringent requirements in place, but they must be approved by the administrator of record prior to the start of the season, and students must be notified in writing of the requirements to earn a letter by the first week of the season or by the parent meeting.

Coaching Directory

Head Coach Assistant

Cheerleading Reagan Morlan

HS Volleyball Sarah Wilson Gary Page

JH Volleyball Sarah Wilson Gary Page

Boys HS Basketball Gary Page Rhett Eskew

Boys JH Basketball Gary Page Rhett Eskew

Girls HS Basketball Kira Oliver

Girls JH Basketball Martha Gutierrez

HS Track Sabra Lovejoy

JH Track Selena Arana

If you want to be added to the Patriots’ “Schedule for the Week” email list, please email me at:

Understanding of Handbook Policies

As a student-athlete participating in PATRIOTS athletics, I have read the Patriots Athletics Handbook, understand its policies, and will follow them as long as I am participating in athletics.

Student Signature: ________________________________________________

If you want to be included on the Patriots Practice and Events weekly email list please include your email address below:

Student email: _____________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________________

As a parent of a student-athlete participating in PATRIOTS athletics, I have read and will help enforce the policies in the Patriots Athletics Handbook.

Parent Signature: ______________________________________________________

If you want to be included on the Patriots Practice and Events weekly email list please include your email address below:

Parent email: _____________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________________

The mission of PATRIOTS athletics is to provide participating students with the foundation, opportunities, and skills necessary to reach their full potential and represent themselves and the CO-OP schools with pride, class, and integrity while in the pursuit of excellence.

This will acknowledge that we have read and understand the material contained in the South Baca Patriot Handbook.

Parent or Guardian _____________________________ Date _____________

Student _______________________________________ Date _____________

Gary Page

South Baca AD


Authorization-Medical Release-Parental Consent

Student Name _________________________________________________________

School _______________________________________________________________

Medical Release

I, __________________________________    __________________________

(Parent’s Guardian’s Signature)     (Relationship)

Phone number _________________________________________________________

Of, __________________________________________    ______________

(Student’s Name)   (Age)

Of ___________________________________________________________________


(Complete Home Address)

Hereby authorize in advance any necessary medical treatment required for my son/daughter. 



Medical Insurance Co. Policy # __________________________________________

Name of Insured _______________________________________________________



By its very nature, competitive athletics may put students in situations in which SERIOUS, CATASTROPHIC and perhaps, FATAL ACCIDENTS may occur. 

Many forms of athletic competition result in violent physical contact among players, the use of equipment which may result in accidents, strenuous physical exertion, and numerous other exposures to risk of injury. 

Students and parents must assess the risks involved in such participation and make their choice to participate in spite of those risks. No amount of instruction, precaution, or supervision will totally eliminate all risk of injury. Just as driving an automobile involves choice of risk; athletic participation by high school students also may be inherently dangerous. The obligation of parents and students in making this choice to participate cannot be overstated. There have been accidents resulting in death, paraplegia, quadriplegia, and other very serious permanent physical impairment as a result of athletic competition. 

By granting permission for your student to participate in athletic competition, you, the parent or guardian, acknowledge that such risk exists. By choosing to participate, you, the student, acknowledge that such risk exists. 

Students will be instructed in proper techniques to be used in athletic competition and in the proper utilization of all equipment worn or used in practice and competition. Students must adhere to that instruction and utilization and must refrain from improper uses and techniques. 

As previously stated, no amount of instruction, precaution, and supervision will totally eliminate all risk of serious, catastrophic, or even fatal injury. 

If any of the foregoing is not completely understood, please contact your school principal for further information. 

Student's Name ______________________ Sport(s) ________________




This will acknowledge that we have read and understand the material contained in the NOTICE TO ATHLETES AND PARENTS OR GUARDIANS. 


Signed ______________________________________ Date ______________

              (Parent or Guardian) 

Signed ______________________________________ Date ______________